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Modern real estate lockbox with cutting-edge design.

TOOR Today is a new age scheduling tool and lockbox that interact to seamlessly connect buyers, sellers, and agents all. In an industry often known for subpar customer satisfaction, TOOR seeks to change that perception.



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Digital Design

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Web Development


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The Toor lockbox comes accompanied with an application which needed a simple, but effective user interface design. Besides that Exo Ape had to come up with an experience website which was as intuitive and sleek as the lockbox itself. We ended up creating both.


We’ve designed a mobile application that is simple, yet intuitive and easy to use on the go. We took that experience and translated those design principles into the website which has the same minimal look-and-feel.

“We've crafted a unique web experience by splitting the fullscreen video after the visitor scrolls down. The split screen slider then guides the visitor to all important pages. ”

Robbert Schefman — Digital Art Director at Exo Ape

Image of Junior Desinor - CEO of Toor Today

“Exo Ape's attention to detail, bold colors, and clean aesthetic fit our design requirements beautifully. Their team is extremely responsive, patient, and enjoyable to work with. They helped me grow my business by being able to scale up as our business did.”

Junior Desinor — CEO at Toor Today

Meet the app

We’ve designed an application where you can search, schedule, get directions, find an agent, view profiles, read reviews, and open lockboxes. All in one app!

Got interested? Hit us up on Skype or send us an email. We would love to hear your story.

Digital Art Director

Robbert Schefman

Robbert is the co-founder of Exo Ape and digital art director. He’s responsible for guarding the visual identity and digital strategy of each project.