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Stock Dutch Design is an interior design firm that creates interiors for both residential and commercial clients from all over the world. Exo Ape helped to transfer Stock's core values over into a digital platform of their own.




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Stock’s rebranding seemed like a perfect moment to overhaul the website and make the online experience align with the offline brand.
The main goal was to reflect Stock’s brand values into the website: daring colours and patterns, future proof bases and making enchanting memories.


Stock’s interior designs have a lot of depth by incorporating daring colours and patterns, creating the unique Stock signature. Exo Ape helped Stock Dutch Design transfer these characteristics into their own digital platform, which now has a stock signature of its own. We’ve incorporated mood boards, pieces of wallpaper and Stock colours. The result is a magical and unique online brand experience.

stock dutch design website webdesign portfolio section teal colour
robbert schefman digital art director exo ape

“The background color of the website plays a key role in the overall look-and-feel. It changes color based on the user interactions. The website features a couple of cool easter eggs—for example, the menu that highlights a random detail image every time you open it and the random pastel color in the page transitions.”

Robbert Schefman — Digital Art Director at Exo Ape

stock dutch design website design pastel colours serif font
stock dutch design website portfolio thumbnails
rob smittenaar creative developer

“We've built a custom theme using Wordpress in combination with Advanced Custom Fields, which makes flexible content management possible. Every part of the website is built as a component so new pages, cases, videos, magazines and books can be managed by the client with ease.”

Rob Smittenaar — Freelance Creative Developer at Exo Ape

stock dutch design blogpost website design
stock dutch design books dutch interior design living in style amsterdam
stock dutch design interior design book
robbert schefman digital art director exo ape

“The pastel colours play a key role in the overall look-and-feel of the website. All colours from the spectrum can be used as long as they harmonize with the on-page imagery and use the same hue tone.”

Robbert Schefman — Digital Art Director at Exo Ape

stock dutch design pastel colours interior webdesign

Got interested? Hit us up on Skype or send us an email. We would love to hear your story.

robbert schefman digital art director exo ape

Digital Art Director

Robbert Schefman

Robbert is the co-founder of Exo Ape and digital art director. He’s responsible for guarding the visual identity and digital strategy of each project.