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Cinema packages from the USA's most reliable source.

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Outdoor Movies is a leading supplier of commercial-quality outdoor cinema equipment and professional services. Exo Ape worked closely with their digital marketing consultant to come up with a new digital strategy.

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Our goal was simple: significantly improve product and service differentiation within three classifications: screens, systems and professional services. Make cross-product relationships obvious, uncomplicated and pervasive.


We’ve created an e-commerce solution that features a clear cross-product navigation. Appealing 3D renders of the AIRSCREEN® inflatable screen earn visitor trust and facts about the company, supported by cleaver icons deliver a brand-boosting first impression.

Web interface
Creative developer
“We made sure our custom Wordpress theme was tailored to fit the needs of the Outdoor Movies webmaster. Very user friendly and easy to maintain web content.”

Rob Smittenaar

— Freelance Web Developer at Exo Ape

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“The AIRSCREEN® is so much more than just any inflatable movie screen. Hotspot functionality brings an up-close look at features and benefits built into AIRSCREEN®. We've used CGI to create the screen and depict it from every angle possible. ”

Robbert Schefman

— Digital Art Director at Exo Ape

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Motion Graphic Designer, Front-end developer, Creative developer
“Customers can step through our package configuration process to select the best combination for their event. To ease the pain of the selection process we’ve created a compare table to view all screen specs side-by-side.”

Ronald Gijezen —

Front-end developer at Exo Ape

UI Tiles
"Exo Ape truly understands the challenges of e-commerce, producing amazingly creative brand-enhancing visuals with seemingly endless energy for problem solving and fine tuning UX. We wholeheartedly endorse working with Exo Ape. Our investment in rebranding and rebuilding quickly spiked website traffic, bypassed competitors and (above all) is on track to pay for itself ahead of forecasts."

Mark Pack

— Web Master at

Mobile design