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High-end photography portfolio with some nifty features.

Otto van den Toorn is a Dutch fashion photographer who desperately needed a website that could level with his quality of work. Exo Ape created an immersive portfolio website with a premium feel.





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The main goal was to translate Otto’s photography portfolio into an immersive digital experience. Otto’s old website felt really outdated and not in-line with the quality of work that he was presenting.


We came up with a photography related concept that guides the visitor through Otto’s work. A few creative modules allow for diverse layouts and flexible content management. The overal website feels very high-end and finally lives up to the expectations of the visitor.

“Throughout the experience the mouse cursor is used as a sphere which indicates user-actions — giving the visitor a viewing hole into the negative image.”

Robbert Schefman — Digital Art Director at Exo Ape

“Exo Ape totally changed my view on webdesign. They’ve built a gorgeous website for my photography company that radiates high-tech and yet is remarkably elegant. I was stunned by the fact that presentation would impact the quality of my work so much. Very proud of the result!”

Otto van den Toorn — Owner at Ottografie

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Digital Art Director

Robbert Schefman

Robbert is the co-founder of Exo Ape and digital art director. He’s responsible for guarding the visual identity and digital strategy of each project.