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— Website and User Interface

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A product can become irrelevant over time, but a strong brand stands its ground. Design philosophy is what sets the Nectar One 3D printer apart. Exo Ape made sure their online presence followed suit.


Nectar asked us to rethink and redesign the Web Interface of their Nectar One 3D printer (which is called NectaWare), as well as their website. Both platforms had to be perfectly in line with each other and breathe the Nectar philosophy. The Nectar One is a machine that combines high-end technology with elegance. These were two keywords that had to be reflected in the web interface and the new web experience.


We’ve incorporated an elegant but high-tech vibe in both the web interface and the website. By using similar design elements we made the connection between web UI and the website. An intuitive scroll mechanism makes the website easy to use, and lots of white space gives the design an elegant vibe.

Colour pallette

We were asked to keep the Nectar One’s brand colour intact. We used the green colour for highlighting call-to-action elements in the website. We used slightly rounded buttons to mimic the printers’ silhouette.


We’ve layered the website in chapters that allow us to tell the brand’s story and give us the opportunity to incorporate some of the latest web techniques making the overall website feel modern and high-tech.

“The Nectar One comes equipped with web based software we call NectaWare. Exo Ape had to make sure the look and feel of the website aligned with the web interface of the 3d printer. We came up with this open, elegant, tech-vibe.”

Ronald Gijezen

Visual Designer and Front-end Developer

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