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Cinematic Pictures

— Website & Identity

Fusing immersive web with adventurous cinematography.

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Cinematic Pictures fuses creative brilliance with technical know how to create a completely bespoke Cinematic Picture for every client. Exo Ape extended this work into an award winning digital experience.

  • Video crew team
  • New York Camera


The quality of the old website and identity did not level with the quality of work Cinematic was putting out. They asked us to update both components and asked for a digital experience that would surprise their clients.


In the new experience website the work of Cinematic Pictures takes center stage. Fullscreen videos immerse the visitors and smart video production related animations enhance the experience. Highlighted projects slide through the frame as the homepage represents a film rol from a video camera that’s zooming into each project. The website breathes video production and pays homage real craftsmanship.

Web interface Cinematic pictures
Web interface cinematic pictures
Web interface cinematic pictures
logo animation
“The logo is an abstract representation of commonly used elements in the video production world. Its minimalistic character is reflected in the rest of the website.”

Robbert Schefman

— Digital Art Director at Exo Ape

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Responsive design

Our main focus was to pay homage to Cinematic Pictures’ work in the most visual way possible. This is why we chose a fullscreen approach on desktop systems which displayed the videos in full glory. Going for this approach also meant we had to craft a custom mobile experience. The biggest challenge was to keep the website performing well on mobile devices. We took out the fullscreen video slider and reduced it down to a screen-wide thumbnail overview of Cinematic’s portfolio.

Custom mobile experience

Since the desktop version is so unique we’ve decided this project required a custom mobile solution. We’ve distilled the video homepage slider into image tiles on mobile to ensuring a subtle experience.